Whats in a name ?

Why does anyone need a good domain name? Surely any old web address will do and people will find it right?

Wrong. As of 2017, we are looking at there being over a billion websites out there. How do you separate yourself from the crowd in such a mass of information? One way is to make yourself stand out and be memorable by having an easy to remember domain name.That’s what makes a domain name premium. A website that has an exact match domain ( EMD) for the service provided or a catchy dictionary word is a lot easier to remember than a long hyphenated sentence. Have a think about how you search the internet. Do you click on search results that have relevant titles or that look to be on websites that match exactly the subject you are searching for? We suspect the answer is yes. Even if not consciously so, it’s been proven that people trust matching domains more.

Hopefully, we can help with the domain name that defines you and your next big idea.

There are also other benefits to having a nice domain name.

  • Exclusivity

Good domains are few and far between and more often than not, already taken by someone else trying to do the same thing, so  If you can get hold of a domain that matches exactly what you do then it’s a rare opportunity to gain instant authority. It also means the business you are in competition with can’t get hold of it. It’s a great way to instantly kick start your site ahead of the competition. Remember that there is only ever one of any domain name. There can be no duplicates and as such good domain names are premium web real estate.

  • Memorable & Brandable

A great domain is easy to remember and passes what they call the ‘radio test’. This basically means that if you heard the address on the radio you know instantly how to spell it and it’s easy to remember. Never forget that your domain name is the public face of your company—in the form of a URL. Therefore, you should make sure it actually sounds like a brand.So, how do you do that? With simplicity and memorability. Avoid mistakes like inserting hyphens, numbers, or anything unnecessary. Don’t include anything else that makes it sound unnatural and complicated.

This tip goes back to the radio test.  Even though users aren’t likely to be saying your domain name out loud, pronounceability is still very important. There is something that we all do naturally called processing fluency. This is the ease with which our brains can process information. Names that don’t require a person to think too hard (the so-called no brainer) are usually the most memorable, and also more likely to leave a longer lasting memory.

  • Highly Targeted Traffic

Not all Internet traffic is created equal. Suppose you own a bespoke copper bath manufacturing company. Imagine the highly targeted leads that a domain like copperbath.co.uk  could provide month in and month out. We have it for sale by the way. Targeted traffic from a keyword rich domain relevant to your business is invaluable as it translates into a much higher conversion rate and lower advertising and marketing costs. As projected internet usage in 2025 is expected to increase by nearly four times what it was in 2010 so getting the domains that are right for you today is future proofing your business. If your potential customers routinely misspell your domain name because it’s too hard to figure out, all of that potential traffic, and therefore potential custom,  is lost. Most people will give up searching for your site quickly if they have to spend ages looking for you. If someone has to search two or three times for you, chances are they will get lured by someone with a catchier name offering the same service.

Get a domain name that makes it easy to find you!

The Process – what happens next?

If you decide to by one of our domains, the next step is to organise payment and the transfer. The transfer process is actually quite straightforward. We can release to another Nominet Tag holder very quickly and easily. We can release to an individual or business via the usual Nominet transfer process. All we need is your email address. You can then decide to host your new domain with whatever registrar you usually use.

For non co.uk domains , we can either transfer to another account on the same registrar very quickly, or organise a transfer to a registrar of your choice. Either way we’ll make sure it’s a safe and easy process. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask !