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Quantum computers are set to be the next giant leap in computing. They have already been proven to work, and are rapidy becoming viable in terms of general manufacturing and price. This domain is set to be a fantastic investment.

The whacky world of Qubits and quantum computers

We live in a world reliant on computers. Ever since computers were first invented, they have slowly but surely infiltrated every aspect of our lives to the point that most people wouldn’t know what to do without them. They have become our diaries, encyclopedias, photo libraries , doctors and for some people the only way they interact with the outside world. We use them to store our information and most sensitive data and the majority of the globe would grind to a halt if the all stopped working tomorrow.

If this trend continues, there is research by the Semiconductor Industry Association that suggests by the year 2040 the biggest problem we will have is not having the capabilities to power all the machines. The industry as a whole is currently working on ways to make computers more efficient, but current classical computing is limited by the energy required to perform one operation.

This energy limit is named after Rolf Landauer, who in 1961 found that in any computer, each single bit operation must use an absolute minimum amount of energy. He was working as a researcher for IBM at the time. Landauer’s formula calculated the lowest limit of energy required for a computer operation, and in March this year (2017) it was demonstrated it could be possible to make a chip that operates with this lowest energy. This breakthrough could potentially reduce the amount of energy required by a factor of about 1 million. It also seems though that it would take so long to implement using current technology that we will be using radically different ways of computing before then. Quantum computing has the potential to not only provide far faster processing, but at a massively reduced energy consumption.

So what is quantum computing ?

Quantum computing uses the fundamental properties of subatomic particles to store information. There are subatomic particles that can exist in more than one state at a time. In classical computers information is processed using a two state system called binary, where a bit of information is either a 1 or a 0. In a quantum system, qubits can be thought of as imaginary spheres. If a normal computer stores the information at the opposite poles of the sphere as 1 and 0 , then a qubit can exist at any point around the sphere. This effectively means they can store multiple states at the same time, for much less energy than a conventional computer.

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