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Fantastic opportunity for anyone business involved in the teaching or learning sector. The list is endless.

  • driving instruction
  • flying instructor
  • business training
  • gym coach
  • tutor
  • language teaching

Online learning is one of the largest business sectors out there and this domain would fit perfectly in many uses.


3rd person present: instructs
  1. 1.
    tell or order someone to do something, especially in a formal or official way.
    “she instructed him to wait”
    synonyms: order, command, direct, tell, enjoin, give the order to, give orders to, give the command to, require, call on, mandate, charge; More

  2. 2.
    teach (someone) a subject or skill.
    “he instructed them in the use of firearms”
    synonyms: teach, school, give lessons to, coach, train, ground, enlighten, illuminate, inform, verse, edify, educate, upskill, tutor, guide, prepare, prime,

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