The term “gym” gets a UK search volume of 201,000/mo  with an average CPC of  £1.00

The term “gym” gets a US search volume of 673,000/mo  with an average CPC of  £2.07

The fitness industry is one of the largest revenue industries in the world.Gym membership stats are huge
In the United States around 45 million adults (approx. 14 per cent of the population) have a gym membership, while in the UK 4.5 million adults (approx. 7 per cent of the population) have a membership. Also apparently the bigger your salary the more likely you are to go to the gym. The study of 1,600 participants by healthcare charity Nuffield Health found that people on less than £20,000 a year use the gym for an average of an hour a week, whilst those earning towards the higher end of the scale would use the gym for three hours per week on average, so theres money in those treadmills !

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